The leading provider of data analytics solutions in Vietnam

CIC MINING AND ANALYTICS JOINT STOCK COMPANY (CIC DATA) is a leading company in the area of data mining. Based on Big Data and Machine Learning platforms, CIC DATA provides the high standard services in credit scoring and lead generation.

Our Key Services

Our products focus on risk assessment and targeted marketing that help the financial firms reduce credit risk and operation cost, fasten the development of new products and business, and bring access to financial services to all consumers.

Credit Scoring

Provide instant assessment of consumer credit worthiness using alternative data sources with Big Data and AI technologies.

Lead Generation

Provide ability to effectively acquire customers with financial need at scale.

Fraud Scoring

Provide ability to evaluate fraud level based on information given by your customers.

Over the past two years since founded, we have becomethe first and only company that partnering with top 3 telco providers in Vietnam and reaching out to almost 100% of the population.

Risk assessment requests
Population covered
Financial firms
Loan amount disbursed

About Us

We are a team of researchers and engineers who worked in top tech companies in the US, Japan, Canada, Vietnam, and business experts who have led and pioneered numerous financial services with deep local knowledge.

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Drive to improve
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